This is Re: Ebertplatz, a project we did for Neustadt Nord | Ebertplatz this semester. It was a long term project regarding Ebertplatz in Köln. The aim of the project was to show the invisible and visible networks, time structures, infrastructures and borders, noises and patterns. We actually split the topic Ebertplatz in three pieces due to an inspiration we got from texts by Gabriele Schabacher and Bruno Latour. Netzwerk, contemporary history and infrastructure. It turned out to be a picture library in different forms- physical and digital. For contemporary history, Ludwig designed this website. Using an email adress, everyone can send ebertplatz related pictures to. Adding a small explanation what happened in the picture, or whatever one wants to say about it. He also created a physical archive with a timeline and located the pictures to where they were shot at the ebertplatz. For Netzwerk, we used the instagram page #ebertplatz to figure out, what kind of networks exist, surrounding the ebertplatz. There are different art societies, there is Stadt Köln, taking care of some parts, there are business owners involved. But as you can see in the pictures, there are a lot of citizens that care about this spot, posting pictures, participating in different events or cultivation activities. The main work was to arrange the pictures in a reasonable order, which is merely visual, though proportionally as seen on the instagram page. For the last part of the project, which was more of an add on, we found material regarding the wifi spots at Ebertplatz, a noise map and we searched for air shafts and tried to make them visible using inflatables.